Always Check the Time

9:30 PM – There’s no way I’m going to be able to sleep. I start watching YouTube

1:00 AM – I take a shower, pack my things, check out of the hotel, and put the car rental address into GPS.

2:00 AM – I get to the car rental location and realize they are closed. I pull into a cell lot and look up the business hours of that location. They open at 4:30, my plane boards at 4:30.

2:30 AM – I get ahold of someone from the rental company. I explain the situation and they put me on hold. They eventually tell me to park at the airport and document the location so I can inform the local branch where it is. I will also have to mail them the keys.

3:00 AM – Park the car and (photograph) where I left it.

3:20 AM – Standing in line for the TSA to open.

3:35 AM – TSA opens. We start the security theater.

3:50 AM – I make it to the gate, and begin waiting.

4:40 AM – I’m on the plane. Can’t find my earbuds. I think I left my earbuds at the hotel.

6:15 AM – Land. Wait for my plane back home by trying to get a hold of the local rental location where I rented my car from. No luck. An employee from the 800 number informs me that while it is true the local site does open at 4:30 AM ET, they don’t take calls until 8:00 AM CT. Wut? Why would an ET based location give any start time in CT? –sigh– Whatever. I get on my connecting flight back home.

9:20 AM – Land at home. Try to call the local site again. No luck. At this point I am driving home so I can’t spend much time looking at my phone, walking through an IVR. I really wanted to confirm where to send the keys so I could stop by the USPS on my way home, because I know that once I get home and relax, I won’t be in a mood to leave. Too bad I guess.

10:00 AM – I get home and finally convince an employee on the 800 number that if they ever want to see their $35,000 car again, someone from their local office will get ahold of me, because I am *done* trying to reach out. They say they have escalated the issue and left a message for the local office to reach out to me.

5:15 PM – I get a call from the local office. Finally! They inform me that I have to next-day air the keys to get it there by Monday. I tell them that they had a chance to have that happen when I was trying to get ahold of them throughout the morning. As it stands, I’m not going to leave my house until tomorrow. So it will get there when it gets there (though I will still overnight it). Then this person admonishes me about how we aren’t supposed to leave cars in the airport parking lot. When I push back and explain that I did that at the direction of one of her fellow employees, she states “well, I’m in customer service, I don’t want to argue with you”. Ummm… You started it.

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