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  • Fat

    I’m feeling fat. I’m sure it has nothing to do with being as fat as I’ve ever been.

  • One Beat Dog

    We actually had a really nice day, weather wise. I went out disc golfing, and after the session thought “my little do would really enjoy coming out here”. So, I text the wife, tell her I’m on the way home, and that we should pack the ankle biter up and bring him to the park. […]

  • Jury Duty

    This is the third time I’ve had to show up for jury duty in Marion county, Indiana. If they don’t select me this time, it will be the third time they didn’t want me. I might just stop showing up. For all you law enforcement types trolling my anonymous blog, I’m joking. 🙄

  • God I Suck at Poker

    I don’t understand how I suck so bad at this game. Are bad players worse than me? It doesn’t feel like it. I had a bad night where I just couldn’t win (always second best), combined with some bad decisions. $800 down…🤢

  • Flopping the Nuts

    How do you win money in poker? You flop the guy the nuts, then suck out on him. EJ I’m at the end of an eight hour session. I’m up $150-$200 after spending most of the night down. I tell myself I am going to leave before the blinds get to me. So, I get […]

  • A New HVAC

    We just had the Cadillac of HVAC systems installed in our home. We have a heat pump and gas furnace, with a new AC system (just the heat pump “in reverse”). We feed it the cost of gas and electricity in our area, and it picks the most economical. It is whisper quiet and includes […]

  • Prisma SD-WAN Has Me Lost

    Palo Alto’s Prisma SD-WAN is just the old CloudGenix SD-WAN with a worse branding name. But it suffers the same issues — initially figuring out how to set these babies up is confusing. I rolled CloudGenix out in a past place of work. I love them. I think everyone should use them. Once you have […]

  • Work Goes On

    My coworker just got suspended today. My guess is his employment will end on or shortly after the 15th, when our bonus hits.

  • Die SD-WAN

    Someone really needs to shoot Palo Alto’s SD-WAN “solution” in the head, and put it out of its misery. Long live Prisma (CloudGenix) SD-WAN.

  • Windy Disc Golf

    We played disc golf at the hill. The temperature was a fabulous 70°, but the wind was impossible to play well in. I shot +8.