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  • Palo Alto SD-WAN Hate

    I hate hate hate Palo Alto’s SD-WAN solution. Now, they have 2 SD-WAN solutions. Prisma SD-WAN (formerly CloudGenix), and SD-WAN. Because that isn’t confusing. Yeah, their inhouse SD-WAN product that uses a plugin on Panorama… It sucks! Don’t ever use it. Don’t accept a position if you ever hear that is what they use. Prisma […]

  • Poker Sucks… Sometimes

    I lost $630 in about 2 hours playing poker. The one hand I won, I raised the blinds from the button and they both folded.

  • Always Check the Time

    9:30 PM – There’s no way I’m going to be able to sleep. I start watching YouTube 1:00 AM – I take a shower, pack my things, check out of the hotel, and put the car rental address into GPS. 2:00 AM – I get to the car rental location and realize they are closed. […]

  • Notable Events 2022 02

    Russia invades Ukraine — because nothing says thanks for making it through the pandemic like WW3. Also, Fuck every politician that thinks Putin is a genius.

  • Too Early

    I made a mistake. I was so interested in getting back home from my business trip that I scheduled the 5AM flight out. Now I have to wake up at 2:30 in the morning when I could have just taken my time with a later flight.

  • Charlotte Airport – How You Annoy

    Apparently Charlotte Airport just moved to a new control tower today. Guess who is having technical difficulties and can’t accept flights? I was planning on going to the office today for a few hours. Now I’m not sure if I’ll have the time.

  • Ahhh The Airport

    A somewhat early day so that I can enjoy a ride in an airplane. Off to NC for work. A rainstorm came through and frightened my mostly blind, mostly deaf, aged dog. So it was a very poor night for sleep.

  • The Start of a Web Log

    I want to remain anonymous. I want to document my thoughts and my days. I am willing to engage with any that choose to engage. The end. None of my friends or family know that I am doing this. This is my little corner of the Internet. I can talk geek, get emotional, rant and […]