Flopping the Nuts

How do you win money in poker? You flop the guy the nuts, then suck out on him.


I’m at the end of an eight hour session. I’m up $150-$200 after spending most of the night down. I tell myself I am going to leave before the blinds get to me. So, I get dealt under-the-gun; my last hand of the night. I look down expecting to fold everything and see pocket 4s. Well, guess I’m playing my last hand; I call.

Four other players call the $3 BB bet, until it gets around to the big blind. He makes it $18 to go. I call, and so do three other players — $90 in the pot.

The flop comes 2, 3, 4, two diamonds. The small blind checks, the big blind checks, I bet $50, the next player folds, the next player calls (and I get an gut reaction that makes me think he is strong), the small blind check raises all-in to $250, the big blind folds.

So, it is me, the small blind, and the guy I think was strong. I’m worried he has A-5 or 5-6, but I’m not gonna fold when I am 40% to boat up against those hands, and am absolutely crushing over pairs or other flopped sets.

He has $400 behind. I shove. He calls. The small blind has 9-10 of diamonds for a non-nutted flush draw. I have top set. Late position has 5-6, no diamond. The turn is a 6. This is terrible for me. Yeah, a 5 gives me a chop, but since he has a 6 in his hand, that is one less out for me to boat up. I wish it was a 7 instead. The river is a miracle 6. Boat.

I pull in a $1,240 pot. I play two more orbits and cash out.

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